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Dear Artist,

I am an art dealer. I deal in art. I used to deal art as fast as a deck of cards, scheduling this client and that, meeting with artists, running around. It was fantastically busy and richly rewarding. Now I have time to blog. I still make the occasional art sale, but in this economy I’m mostly working on helping artists build websites, and doing art appraisals for clients.

Recently I read a blog by another art dealer; boy was he sarcastic! “What’s wrong with you?” I wondered. His advice to artists was not to introduce themselves to people, never ask people to look at their art, and then he ended with a nasty comment about how to fail at art. I can only think that he was probably very disappointed in his life, and he was eager to spread the melancholy.

So here’s my advice to my fellow people in the art business, just put your best foot forward and you’ll be fine. Any time someone invites you to an event say, “Yes.” Any time you wonder if you should mention that you are an artist or an art dealer, tell yourself, “Yes.” Go ahead and introduce yourself to people, and be proud to say, “I’m an artist.” or “I’m an art dealer.” Most people are kind, friendly and interesting if you give them a chance. The more people who know that you’re in the art business the better, many of your jobs will come from word of mouth.

Networking should be a part of every week for you. Schedule at least two networking dates every week. Does a chamber of commerce meeting sound dull? Yes, and sorry to say, sometimes it is, but when you land your first job from someone you shook hands with at a meeting, you’ll realize there’s a whole world of clients out there just waiting to meet you.

Best regards,
Gloria Gales


Lee Munsell's Passage, Oil on Canvas 26"x44"


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