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Dear Artist,

I’ve met more than a few artists who have told me, “I can paint anything!” Indeed they are right, they can paint anything, but they only paint one or two styles well, and the rest of the work is mediocre or poor.

Having a body of work that is all over the place will not develop your reputation as a fine artist. You would be better off choosing your best style and then concentrating on that.

Think about this, an art collector walks into a gallery and is so proud when they recognize your work. “Is that a John Smith?” “Yes, this is Afternoon Light, you must really know your art.” Believe me, it helps to have people recognize your art and that will never happen if you paint a traditional landscape one day and an abstract image the next.

If you’re not sure which style is your best ask an art dealer or two, most art dealers will tell you straight away; you may wish they were less direct, but you’ll seldom find an art dealer who won’t let you know the truth about your art.

Another benefit to narrowing your focus on your art is that you will push your best work forward and continue to let it grow. Every work of art is unique even if it’s within the same style, and every work of art leads to the next – it serves as a launching pad for the next piece.

So, back to that easel and best wishes for a creative and cohesive body of work!

Best regards,
Gloria Gales


Jay Bigos, Dorsodoro, Mixed Media on Canvas, 18"x80"


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