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Am I Still An Artist?

Dear Artist,

Many artists have taken on other jobs – jobs that have nothing to do with art unless you consider making sandwiches artistic; the tone on tone swirl of white mayonnaise on white bread – well maybe.

Don’t let the Spirit of Depression latch onto your brain and rock it senseless. Be strong!

As sad or tired as you are, as unwilling as your body may be, get up earlier and let yourself know that you are still an artist.

1) When your alarm goes off – get up, brush your teeth, get dressed and go outside immediately. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go for a short walk, a long walk, or a run – it will have a great effect on the rest of your day.

2) Lay out your art materials for later, if you have time, do some art work.

3) After your other job, go back to the place where you create art and get to work. If you must learn to work with artificial light, then it is what it is.

Build a body of work that will be ready when the time comes, the economy will not always be slow. Be picky with your work, if it isn’t your best, throw it away or paint over it. Never say, “Well, someone might like it.” Keep only your best work. Photograph it and get it online.

Yes, you are still an artist if you are not making a living selling art, but you’re not an artist if you don’t create art simply because the situation to create isn’t perfect. Keep the faith and eventually your faith will keep you.

Best regards,
Gloria Gales


Christopher McVinish, Seeking Directions, Oil on Canvas, 36"x48"


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