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We’ve all been to art festivals and seen people working in booths who look bored, sad, or even angry. Sometimes they have their nose stuck in a book. Instead, they should think of every person near their booth as an invited guest. You wouldn’t ignore a guest in your house. You wouldn’t sit at the table reading a book during a dinner party. You need to be involved and attentive. Don’t think of yourself as “watching the booth.” For those few hours that you are working in an art festival booth, stay alert and friendly. Shake hands with people, smile, and introduce yourself. Welcome them to the booth, and tell them about the art. 

Keep the talking points focused on the art in your booth. Talking about someone’s children may seem friendly, but this is not the time nor the place for that. Talking about the festival and other artists should be limited to a sentence or two. People want to keep moving. With most people you will only have five minutes or so to find out if they are interested in purchasing a piece of your art. If the topic wanders to other areas, gently bring the conversation back to the art in your booth. When you keep the talking points focused on the art in your booth, other people nearby feel welcome to listen in. 

Showing your art at an art festival can be an enjoyable and profitable experience, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet people who love art.

Best regards,
Gloria Gales



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